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Enterprise security system

We can integrate different security systems to meet the needs of customers in commercial market. In addition, our engineering team can provide 24-hour emergency services to assist customers in maintaining and repairing the system around the clock.

Commercial Security System
Alarm system

When the alarm system is triggered, it can scare off the culprits and draw the attention of the people around.

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24-hour alarm monitoring center service

By connecting to the 24-hour security monitoring center, the alarm system can ensure the protection of properties, individuals and property. When the alarm system is triggered, we can even provide police assistance.

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CCTV and video recording system

CCTV closed-circuit television video surveillance program provides indoor and outdoor surveillance for your offices, shops, for giving you peace of mind

thermal camera pic.png
Artificial intelligence temperature measurement system

The infrared thermal imaging camera is suitable for multi-person activity places, without the need to arrange personnel to detect body temperature at close range, and quickly and effectively detect abnormal body temperature.

SecurePro_Card_System (2).jpg
Access Card System

Professional card access control system for entry and exit control, using contactless card recognition technology, fast and convenient

Biometric system

Apart from the traditional card and password access system for controlling the entry and exit. Now, bio-metric identification technologies is also popular in recent years.

Attendance System

Attendance system, can extract employee's entry and exit time from access card , fingerprint recognition, facial recognition system. Attendance data will be synchronized to the attendance system in real time and calculate for payroll usage.

electric lock system (magnetic lock).png
Electric lock system

Different electronic lock systems are suitable for different doors to effectively manage the entry and exit of access

Intercom System

It is convenient to distinguish the identity of visitors and avoid entry of unknown persons.

Patrol system

The electronic patrol system can solve the problems of recording work and manual cheating on the traditional system, greatly reducing the waste of manpower and material resources.

patrol system.jpg
X-ray sensing system

The X-ray security inspection system achieves rapid and consistent detection capabilities and determines that the materials have specific characteristics of explosives and drugs, gold, currency and agricultural products.

metal detectort.png
Metal detector

Regardless of size, all magnetic and non-magnetic objects can also be detected. There are two types of detectors: threshold and portable.

Car parking system

​The automatic entrance and exit control system controls the entry and exit of vehicles in residential, commercial areas and industrial areas

Electronic Article Survillance.jpg
Anti-shoplifting system

​Applicable to the retail industry, with restrictions on anti-shoplifting behavior. Different types of anti-theft labels can be applied according to the goods sold.

smart office.jpg
ESG Secure Glass
Intelligent office automation system

With more large investments to automate the work environment to enhance work efficiency, safety and comfort, smart offices have become a hot spot today.


In recent years, the safety requirements of the built environment have increased to an unprecedented level. Due to the increase in terrorism and serious crime, the built environment is threatened more than ever. At ESG, help protect people and property by providing the most advanced safety glass on the market.

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