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​Home Security System Solution

Home security system

Regardless of any type of home, our professional consultants can provide professional advice and your security system is installed and maintained by our own and experienced engineering team. We provide a one-stop-shop service to protect your family and property's safety.

Burglar Alarm system

When the alarm system is triggered, it can scare off the theft and draw the attention of the people around.

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24-hour alarm monitoring center service

By connecting to the 24-hour security monitoring center, the alarm system can ensure the protection of your life, asset and property. When the alarm system is triggered, we can connect police force for further assistance.

CCTV and video recording system

CCTV closed-circuit television video surveillance program provides indoor and outdoor surveillance for your home and property for giving you peace of mind

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Access control electronic lock system

Apart from traditional card and password access, the access system has also begun to use bio-metric identification technologies in recent years for access control.

Intercom system

It is convenient to distinguish the identity of visitors and avoid entry of unknown persons.

ESG Secure Glass
Smart home system

No matter whether you are at home or not, with just one click, the home smart system still allows you to manage everything in your home


In recent years, the safety requirements of the built environment have increased to an unprecedented level. Due to the increase in terrorism and serious crime, the built environment is threatened more than ever. At ESG, help protect people and property by providing the most advanced safety glass on the market.

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