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Management system

​SecurePro not only provides home and corporate security system solutions, but also provides different types of management system solutions to help companies solve problems intelligently.

People Counting System

Understand customer traffic and verify the number. It helps retailers plan the correct staffing level and monitors the conversion performance of each store compared to sales data.

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​Face Recognition System

Our face recognition technology cooperates with our experience in developing anti-walking systems. Developed the latest face recognition anti-walking system.

Parking management system

Our management system has

-Parking lot central management and payment system

-Parking intelligent guidance system

-Long-distance detection of private car parking management system

By adopting the state-of-the-art RFID wireless technology, the AMS allows speedy stock taking by just a single click. It saves as much as 90% of your time compared with the traditional way by using barcode.

RFID Asset Management System
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