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​Alarm System


By connecting to the 24-hour security monitoring center , the alarm alarm system can ensure the protection of properties, individuals and property. When the alarm alarm system is triggered, we can even provide police assistance.

Coupled with the assistance of the voice recognition system, customers can hear the situation on the scene before calling the police to confirm that the system has been triggered.

Traditional alarm system includes:

-The main controller of the alarm alarm system controls the entire system and provides power to the entire system.

-The main controller is also equipped with a backup power supply and sends an emergency signal to the 24-hour security monitoring center when the alarm system is triggered.

​Password keyboard

Used to switch the alarm system. In order to facilitate the operation, the password keyboard will be installed near the gate and in the master bedroom.

The remote telephone control system turns any telephone into a multifunctional password keyboard. Whether it is used as a system password keyboard or as a connection to the home alarm system on the other side of the world, the remote telephone control system provides the easiest and most convenient channel to control and contact your alarm system.

alarm keypad.jpg
Magnetic sensor

Installed on doors and windows. When the alarm system is operating, opening the protected door or window will immediately trigger the alarm system.

Smoke sensor

When the fire first broke out, the fire alarm signal was issued to avoid increasing the potential loss of life and financial life.

Smoke alarm.jpeg
emergency button.jpg
Emergency Help Button

Installed in the main entrance and exit, master room. When the SOS switch is activated, the SOS switch will immediately send an emergency signal to the 24-hour security monitoring center for help. When the alarm system is not operating, the SOS switch can still operate without being affected.

​Infrared beam system

Can protect empty indoor and outdoor places. When an illegal entrant enters the sensing range of the infrared through-beam system, the alarm system will be triggered immediately.

Intra-red alarm.png

​The above pictures are for reference only. The actual product installation depends on customer needs and site environment.

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