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​Closed Circuit Television System

Tests encountered in CCTV surveillance:
• The image is blurry and the picture fluency is poor
• It is more difficult to capture images clearly in low light/dark environments
• In special areas, such as long corridors and multi-light environment, a large number of lenses need to be installed for monitoring
• It takes a lot of time and resources to search for videos after the accident
• High-definition video capacity is large, resulting in high storage costs
• Difficult to integrate monitoring systems of different brands
• Application is monotonous and dull

Our breakthrough in CCTV surveillance:
• Excellent image quality
• Top image color restoration technology, restore the colors invisible to the naked eye
• Optimize the wide-angle video coverage to achieve a clear picture effect
• Intelligent light source balance and light adjustment
•Intelligent quick search, quick movie search according to additional conditions after the accident
•Patented image storage technology, the city monitoring level plan (reduce the storage capacity by 40%) minimizes the storage capacity, greatly improves the performance of image storage and multi-region centralized management
• High system integration capability
• 1 second video playback technology, so that instant accidents are hidden from view
•High flexibility and innovative solutions to expand the application space of monitoring systems. Such as online learning and campus TV stations, etc.

​Camera knowledge

Wireless camera -can transmit sound and video from indoor or outdoor to any TV or video recorder computer. The technology using 2.4G frequency enables the system to receive clearly within 100 meters.

Mobile reconnaissance camera- The one-third inch black and white infrared sensor action camera can be used in any situation where people or animals need to record because of the environment.

Black and white and color smoke sensor type hidden camera -can be used in places where it is inconvenient to install the camera but needs to be monitored

In addition, we also provide black and white and color mini hidden cameras, black and white and radio miniature cameras, black and white and color waterproof bullet-type cameras, one-third inch hemispherical cameras, one-third inch black and white and color submersible cameras, etc.

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